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Welcome to Home Snaglist Dublin, your first choice for professional snagging services. With over 30 years of construction experience, we are the trusted experts in snagging services – working independently for buyers to guarantee their peace of mind before a sale is completed. Our professional home snag list services in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Westmeath start from just €150 for a complete snag list and just €90 for a re-inspection.

What is a snag list inspect?

A snag list captures any defects, or snags, that are present in a new build property. We produce a detailed report that captures any of these snags, along with any unfinished or incomplete work that the builder or developer needs to deliver. Home Snag List can then deliver the necessary repairs.

This Snag List also offers evidence of potential shortcomings in the property and its build. If these issues happen again after you move in, you have evidence to pursue any potential resource against the developer or builder.

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Why Snag list your new build property?

Buying a new property can be stressful, especially when it is a new build without a prior history. Buyers need to have total peace of mind that their new build property has been completely finished to the expected standard before they sign on the dotted line to complete a purchase. Home Snag List act as the final check stage – working on behalf of buyers to check that developers have completed the job.

Five main reasons to snag your property

At Home Snaglist Dublin, we see five main reasons for snagging a new build property:

To task highly qualified, independent professionals with checking and assuring that your new home has been built and completed to the necessary standard, and to carry out any necessary remedial work.

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To ensure that any identified snags are completed before you move into your new property – via our team or via your builder.

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To provide evidence if identified snag issues occur again after you move into the property, for potential legal recourse.

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To avoid personally bearing the cost of fixing snags – costs that are, on average, €3000 for a new build – and which the developer or builder should cover as part of their work.

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To offer complete peace of mind before you complete your new home purchase.

Why use Home Snag List?

Home Snag List delivers this full snagging service for total peace of mind. We offer a range of different snagging assessment ad remedial services to meet your needs, all delivered by qualified professionals, to strict quality standards and with Professional Indemnity Insurance in place for total peace of mind.


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