Multi-Property Discount Offer

At HomeSnagList, we understand that moving to a new estate is a community experience. That’s why we offer a special discount for residents in the same estate who are having their properties snagged on the same day. When three or more properties are snagged together, each will receive a discount on our standard rates.

Community interaction is key in a new estate, and most have a Facebook page or other social media group where residents can converse and share recommendations. This is a great place to coordinate with your neighbours and find out who else is having their property snagged at the same time.

Our professional home snag list service is available in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, and Westmeath and offers a full snag list for prices starting from €150. We also offer re-inspection services from €90.

Remember, the more neighbours you get on board, the bigger the discount for everyone. So why wait? Reach out to your future neighbours today and start saving together!


1 - bed property


2 - bed property


3 - bed property


4 - bed property


5 - bed property


Reinspections: €90 – €120 depending on the size of the property

Why use Home Snag List?

All of our snagging work is assessed according to detailed processes. We work for you, the buyer, and only represent your interests. As an independent snagging service provider in Dublin, we have no conflicts of interest with developers, estate agents, builders, or other parties.