Snag list services

Our professional home snag list service in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Westmeath
€150 for a full snag list, €90 for a re-inspection.

Snag list services

The Home Snag List team works through a detailed and structured snagging assessment process to ensure the new build property has been finished to the expected standard. We work for the buyer to check that no defects or snags are present before the sales process completes and they move in. This ensures that the developer finishes the property to an acceptable standard.

Without this snagging service, it is too easy for new builds to have snags that don’t get noticed until later down the line. At this stage, it can be difficult to get developers to return and complete snagging jobs. Small issues that go untreated can also become more severe if left unchecked over time. The snagging process ensures that neither of these things happens and gives buyers peace of mind.

Our snagging list

When you commission Home Snag List to deliver your new-build snagging service in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Westmeath or surrounding areas,
our team will work on a detailed list that covers the following key areas:

Visual Survey

Visual Survey

We carry out free visual inspections to immediately identify any potential issues or unfinished areas. Our professional surveyors have the skills and experience needed to carry out a thorough visual survey that flags up potential areas for hands-on investigation.

Roof Repair

As part of our roof assessment, our team will check for any missing or broken slates or leaks. In addition, we check pitched and flat roofing carefully for any specific issues that we know can occur with these different installations and also check that all necessary guttering is in place. 

Home snag List Plumbing


Plumbing is a prime example of where the snagging service adds real value, as issues with faulty plumbing may only be evident after water damage. Our experts assess your new build’s plumbing system to ensure it is 100% fit for purpose.

painting ladder

Painting - Interior or exterior paint repair

Sometimes developers look to quickly complete a build and fail to finish interior and exterior decorating to the advertised standard. 

Soffit and Fascia board

Where soffits or fascia boards are incorrectly installed, damaged or simply insufficient to prevent damage over time.


We carefully check for any damage to your brickwork or areas where work isn’t up to the necessary standard.

Home snag List flooring

Wooden Floor Repair

Again, if you are buying a property with wooden floors, they should be expertly installed to last the test of time. Our team will assess what’s in place and advise on any necessary repair or finishing work that hasn’t yet been delivered.

Window repairs

If our snagging investigations identify window issues such as gaps, leakages, no drips installed to the windowsill, or any cracks, we will flag these up and record them.

Home snag List plaster inspection

Plastering Repair

Damaged plaster looks unsightly and can create more significant problems over time. 

Home snag List Kitchen

Kitchen Units

If kitchen units are absent, damaged, installed incorrectly or not fit for purpose, our team inspects and advises of any repair that is needed. 


Equally, where countertops are absent, poorly installed, or installed to a lesser standard than advertised or damaged.

Concrete Floor Servey

Damaged concrete is expensive to repair if you bear the cost later. However, our team will inspect and advise of any necessary repairs.


Where our surveyors identify any rending cracks.

Why use Home Snag List?

All of our snagging work is assessed according to detailed processes. We work for you, the buyer, and only represent your interests. As an independent snagging service provider in Dublin, we have no conflicts of interest with developers, estate agents, builders, or other parties.